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Partnership with EPSA!
ZOCA is proud to announce their partnership with EPSA!
(www.epsa.de) for reselling EPSA products
in the Benelux and for named customers!

C-TPAT consultancy, ask us for details.
We can help make your supply chain C-TPAT compliant!

Fully secured including  locking device and real time track & trace!

ZOCA Container Security is Eurowatch Telematics partner
visit: www.eurowatchcentral.com for more info


Transport today is as hot a commodity as it has been over centuries of trading between people and nations.

Also the challenges faced by the industry, customs and governments alike are ever increasing. Today’s public and private market place face threats and opportunities unparalleled in history, to be in control of the transport life cycle and provide safe and secure modes of transport are of the vital essence to survive in the game.

A number of problems are particularly persistent and recurring regarding Supply Chain Security:

  • Increase in theft by organised crime
  • Increase in pilferage and piracy
  • The threat from terrorism, 9/11/2001 and its aftermath
  • Regulations and programmes from the US such as CT-PAT, CSI, FAST
  • Introduction of IMO/ISPS code, EU/AEO (Approved Economic Operator), WCO framework
  • ISO standards requirements such as the ISO 28000-series
  • Increase of smuggling people, narcotics, weapons and other illegal goods
  • Cargo volumes still rising, 96% of world trade flows via containerized transport
  • World wide more than 200 million container movements per year
  • Damages amounting to billions of dollars each year (TAPA est.78 billion $, 2006)
  • Insurance companies are no longer willing to insure high risk cargo
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ZOCA Container Security will offer the answer:

Our service can be fully integrated in today’s (sea) freight methods of operation.
The millions of containers currently in use can be easily adapted thus avoiding loss of capital investment or assets.

As the service does not require investments in setting up or modifying existing infrastructure the service is available for everybody as a truly global logistical solution for safe container transport independent of the modality sea, road or rail.  

In close cooperation with a number of well known and well established partners in their field ZOCA Container Security BV has developed a solution that will fit the industries needs and satisfy governmental and other legislative bodies’ demands on safe and secure trading thus offering a full service solution for global Supply Chain Security.


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